1. FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
    Morbi nunc odi
    Canopy with walls
  2. FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
    Morbi nunc odi
    Canopy without walls

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Canopies can be rented with or without walls

Lights can also be requested 

Tent & Canopy Rentals in West Covina La Puente  & Walnut

Canopies and Tents Rentals by Russo's Rentals

Of all of the birthday parties that you can provide for your children , one that is at home is always the best. It's the ones they will remember the most, but you should consider making it a little more lively of possible. For example, you might want to consider adding a bounce house to the backyard. This is something that kids really enjoy. Another possibility is that you could have a slide, specifically an inflatable waterslide that will be perfect for a summertime get together. You also have to be aware of the temperature and you need to provide shade if it's during the middle of summer or early fall. You need canopies, tents, and all of the tables and chairs that will be necessary to have everyone have a good time. A business by the name of Russo's Rentals is going to be your best bet for dividing all of this and more.

What Can You Find At Russo's Rentals?

All of the products that have been mentioned are available with this business. They will have exactly what you need for the party. They come in many different styles including multiple waterslides like the Home Tree and the Green Monster, both of which are very popular. In addition, if a waterslide is not really what you need, but you still want the kids to get wet, you can get the combo jumper waterslide combo which is also a popular item during the summer months. If your main goal, however, is to get a jump house, you can try one of the many castle styled jump houses that they have available. There is the Primary Castle, the Pink and Purple Castle, and several others that your kids will love.

Tables Chairs And Canopies

Final considerations to make which will be absolutely necessary will include the tables and chairs were people will sit. If you are going to have more than 20 people, you will at least need to sets of tables and 20 chairs for everyone that will be attending. If it's larger than that, they will always have more tables and chairs plus they also have tents and canopies. You can protect people from the heat of the sun by providing this type of shade which will fit perfectly over the tables that you are setting up. Most importantly, all of this is going to be brought to you. The company will bring everything to your location. Once they are there, it will take them about an hour to set up everything which will include the inflatable items that you are renting.

Are They Affordable?

This is actually a very affordable company. Jump houses will cost $100 or less. Waterslides are less than $200 for a 24 hour rental. Canopies can be as much as $240. Additionally, you can rent photo booths for as little as $269, giving your kids the ability to take their pictures with the friends that are attending the party. In addition to this you can rent a popcorn machine which is something that all kids love. There is also a snow cone machine which is absolutely necessary if you are going to be having this party outside during a hot spring or summer day, and the kids are absolutely going to love it. Both of those can be rented for $50 for the event, making this and everything else very affordable for even those on a budget.

If you haven't given Russo's Rentals a call yet, you definitely need to do this. You are going to get everything that you want if you call two or three weeks before the party. Remember that you need to have enough room for these items which are actually quite large. In addition to that, you are going to be using your water and electricity to keep everything running which will be an extra expense on your utility bills later in the month. This is simply the best idea for people that have children that are young enough to appreciate these different items. If your kids to like to splash around, and also jump around in inflatable houses, they are absolutely going to love their birthday party. Contact Russo's Rentals today to reserve the items that you want to rent. It will be a day they will always remember because of these incredible rentals that are available in the Los Angeles area.