Let us help you provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for the guests at your party.  

Custom photo strips along with photos of your guests make perfect keep sakes.    
  1. Custom photo strips
    Custom photo strips
  2. Choice of Color, Sepia or Black and White
    Choice of Color, Sepia or Black and White
  3. Themed props for all occasions
    Themed props for all occasions
  4. Enclosed photo booth lounge
    Enclosed photo booth lounge




  •  Full time professional on-site attendant
  •  Customized Header/Footer/Logo
  •  Unlimited 2x6 original pictures
  • ​ Black & white , Sepia or Color prints
  •  Prop box (hats, glasses,etc.)
  •  Choice of enclosed or open booth
  •  Dye thermal prints (last forever)
  •  Free delivery, setup and breakdown


  • ​Unlimited 4x6 photos (instead of 2x6) -  $50
  • ​Flash drive with all photos  - $40

*  3  Hr. minimum rental required  for Saturdays starting after 4 PM *
    *  Please also note there can be a holiday supplant fee  with  your  booking *

Photo Booth Rentlas in West Covina La Puente  & Walnut

Why You Should Get Photo Booth Rentals From Russo's Rentals

If you are planning to throw a party for a small child, and you want them to have a good time, you are going to need a photo booth to entertain them. It's one of the best things that you can rent for these gatherings. It could be for a birthday party, or a graduation celebration, allowing them to take pictures with friends and family members. If it is a birthday, they will have multiple images of their friends at that age that they can cherish for many years to come. In order to rent one of these, you have to find a reputable company that has some of the best ones available. A company by the name of Russo's Rentals is exactly what you need if you are in the Los Angeles area looking for a photo booth rental.

Why Many People Choose Russo's Rentals

One of the main reasons that people choose this company is that they have so many different options . For example, instead of just getting a photo booth rental, you could also try out one of their many packages which will include tables, chairs and a bouncer. A bouncer is simply an inflatable unit, one that kids can bounce around in, often referred to as a bounce house. The ones that they have are shaped like a castle, a common theme for products in this industry. They also have waterslides which are inflatable which are perfect for kids that are 12 and under, although larger kids can also participate. For adults that will be there, and for kids that will be eating at a table, they have canopies and tents. Essentially, they will have everything that you will need to throw a party for someone that you know, or a child that you love, that is celebrating something special. You can actually get discounts on some of these products that you can rent which are delivered directly to your home.

What Other Services Do They Provide?

Other services that they have will include chairs, tables, and linens that you will use which will be perfect for any type of party. They have rectangular, round, and cocktail tables that they can bring to your location. They have folding chairs, and they also have chairs and tables and children sizes which seat up to six children. They have tallboy linens, and tallboy spandex linens, perfect for placing over the tables to keep them clean. If this is going to be done in the evening hours, or if this is during a colder time of the year, they have patio heaters which you can also rent. They have popcorn machines, snowcone machines, and all of this can be brought to you. They will make sure that all of this is reserved so that you will be able to provide the best possible party for the child that you are renting this for.

How Do You Contact Them?

Contacting this company is actually very easy to do. You can do so by phone, or you can use email. They are in the Los Angeles area so if you are in Southern California, there is the possibility that you may be able to work with this company. Tell them your location and they will be able to tell you if they can provide you with the service. Just make sure that you are contacting them long before you will actually need their services. They are a very busy company, and they may not have everything that you need if you call up just a few weeks before the party. Once it is scheduled, you can feel confident that they will have everything ready. They will come to your location, set everything up, and make sure everything goes smoothly. Best of all, there will be an attendant that will be there in case there are any problems who will also break down everything once the party is complete.

If you do need to get a photo booth rental, contact Russo's Rentals . This is one of the best companies in the Los Angeles area for this type of service. Additionally, you can take advantage of all of the other rentals that they have so that your party will be absolutely perfect for the child that you are throwing the party for.